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Do we have common values?

What do you value?

Great value is placed on family and friends, our health and home, food and the resources to get it, and time, for enjoyment and relaxation. We devote time and resources to that which is important and valuable to us and much of our attention is focused on family and ensuring that loved ones are cared for.

We value our health and care for ourselves by eating nutritiously, moving and exercising our bodies, and by learning and caring about what goes in and on our bodies. We value the time and effort put into making our homes as safe and secure as we can. Many of us spend time learning about our environment and how to keep our footprints as light as possible.

The environment extends to our homes, keeping them clean and environmentally friendly inside as well as out. Volunteering and those in our communities that make our neighbourhood’s better are highly valued. Our colleague’s contributions are appreciated as we value creative and knowledgeable input. We value help we are given and we value appreciation from others when we offer help.

Is there value in the shopping experience?

When buying we often equate value with the lesser price. We prize the inexpensive finds. Deals!

Do we value the worth of workers who are often only a few steps removed from us.

Increasing our awareness of how an item is made, locally or globally, and the process required to bring it to our hands will place more value on what we purchase and help put into perspective how devaluing it can be when we think only in financial terms.

How much goes into producing the food you eat or the clothing you wear? How many people played a role in creating your child’s favourite sweater or your favourite outfit? If you are wearing organic or natural fiber clothing it starts with growing the cotton, flax, bamboo, etc. and includes the farmers raising sheep (or other livestock) and continues a colourful journey from harvesting, weaving, dyeing, designing and sewing.

Our food takes a similar course and includes the growers, pickers, truckers, market vendors and store owners. Supporting local businesses and what they do for us and our communities can help us to regain some of the sense of value that has been lost.

Some things to think about when being mindful of the true value of an item:

  • How much care and attention went into the details and design? Is it something that is mass-produced or is it a one of a kind item that has unique embellishments?
  • How much use will you get from the item? Is it something you may use or wear daily? Is it for a special occasion?
  • How was it made? Is it using eco-friendly and environmentally conscious processes? Is it fair trade or organic?
  • What role will it play in your life? Is it a garment that will protect you from the sun and the elements? Will it be “the” item that stands out in a room or completes your look?

Take and use only what you need (to quote Gandhi) and inject compassion and honesty into our daily lives. These are the foundations for VALUE.

“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.”    – Roy E. Disney

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Jannis peruses and observes the complexity of diversity and uses the juxtaposed and entwined threads of life to create a beautiful fabric that is an olio of the differences.


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