Author: Jannis Ruck

Organic Food & Fiber

This blog post is addressed to family and friends. It's addressed to associates and folks I've met in passing an it's addressed to folks I've yet to meet. It's addressed to all the organic and good livin' folk who just can't get enough tips for living healthier and it's addressed to all non-organic and not-so-good livin' folk, interested in creating the best life possible. If your category has not been mentioned, it's addressed to you as well.
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Do we have common values?

Is there value in the shopping experience? When buying we often equate value with the lesser price. We prize the inexpensive finds. But increasing our awareness of how an item is made, locally or globally, will place more value on what we purchase and help put into perspective how devaluing it can be when we think only in financial terms. Here are some things to think about when being mindful of the true value of an item.
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