eco,organic and sustainable clothing

~ Garments & Accessories ~

For more than 3 decades, the olio label
has been proudly designed and produced
in Toronto, Canada.


Jannis oversees production and maintains a quality control found only in long-lasting garments able to stand the tests of style, wear and time.

More than collections, the pieces represent seasonal dialogues of eco, organic, natural fibers, patchwork and intricate details that are often only available as limited editions and one of a kind pieces.

Men and woman of all ages who wear olio eco have fresh and modern ideas of comfort and style.

The reclaimed, organic cotton, hemp, wool, silk and vintage fibers used in the clothing are all fabrics that ecologically conscious and ethically aware admirers and purchasers can feel good about. Buttons are either handmade, vintage, recycled leather or natural materials.

This culturally inspired, sustainable clothing embodies an expression of spirit that invites the wearer to embrace uniqueness.