~ Roots ~

Celebrate diversity and harmony in peace.

A Note about the Designer

Born in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia and raised on an organic sheep farm on the Bay of Fundy Coast, the natural progression for this creative designer has been to persue an eco-sustainable lifestyle, reflected in her work and personal life.

Her mother – a renowned textile artist and well known in eastern Canada for hand-hooked walboro rugs, instilled a respect for all life and a conscious responsibility to the plant.

It is no mistake that living an organic lifestyle surrounded by fiber and textiles has led her to her love of colour, cloth and all things in their natural and organic state.

Through the study of costume design, through a rich cultural heritage and through her travels, Jannis peruses and observes the complexity of diversity and uses the juxtaposed and entwined threads of life to create a beautiful fabric that is an olio of the differences.

It is from here that inspiration continues to spring forth. New creative energy breeds an enchantment that comes alive each season and is displayed through the designs and by the devoted owners who wear and cherish the garments.

The collections are a reflection of a rich culture inspired by nature and the environment.