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Customer Reviews

You need to wear OliOeco to realize how great it is. The clothes are durable, stylish and comfortable. If you can get your size you will be happy for years.

Suzannah Wyclef, Jordan Station,ON

Because I tend to search for clothing that is unique, rather than mass produced, I was delighted to discover OliOeco. Subsequently, I have purchased many items and the fact that they are all created from sustainable or recycled fabrics is a huge bonus. I have a working background in visual arts and I feel safe in describing her work as "wearable art".

Sherri Clift, London,ON

I have been following Jannis for several years. Her work is delightful.

Betty Clarke, Toronto ,ON

This clothing is mamma earth. I want one of everything they make.

Jenna Jones, Halifax, N.S.

I have bought several garments from Jannis. She uses quality fabrics and is meticulous about fit. Her pieces are timeless and will be staples in your wardrobe for years to come. I would highly recommend Jannis.

Meghan Bradley, Curvy Expo

Quality materials; unusual designs.

Elizabeth Sorfleet, Ottawa, ON

Powerful, tasteful, simple classic designs.

Doug Rogers, Samupress

I own nine, OliOeco circle sweaters. I enjoy wearing them all, constantly get asked "where did you get it" and I love this clothing!

Anne Graham, London, ON

A good understanding of women's casual clothing and comfort.

Carl Cadogan, Reception House