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// Trinity add


Creative force for the OliOeco brand and a Designer who is passionate about social, environmental, and ethical issues.

The concept of 'waste not; want not' was instilled by my mother, a Nova Scotia textile artist who from her magnificent creations of Waldoboro rugs made from fabric scraps and cut strips of fabrics to her hand knit garments and accessories, I learned from an early age the value of everything we came in contact with. Nothing went to waste, from food to fiber. These were my first associations with recycling.

Growing up on the Bay of Fundy Coast in rural Annapolis County on an organic sheep farm was the initial education and groundwork for the ethos of OliOeco and for life.

That education extended to Costume Studies and the love and infatuation with fiber, fabrics and colour that is a huge part of my inspiration for life and for work.

Coupled with the constant inspiration from nature and our natural environment, there is always a jolt of joy pushing me forward.

When you hold an appreciation for all life, it is not an after thought to make  every attempt to protect and preserve our planet and all of it's vibrant life forms.

Working to build an eco and sustainable business continues to be part and parcel to that appreciation.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers and associates who continue to support small businesses and  who value slow fashion, slow food, slow living and all things slow that make our world a better place.