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We use recycled paper for all garment price tags, care tags, business cards, post cards and letterhead.

Garment brochures are also recycled paper and our reusable cotton shopping bags are made from recycled cotton and linen sheeting.

Customers can use their cotton shopping bags as an extra layer of protection when washing their OliO garments  in the machine.

Simply, button the item to be washed, turn inside out and place  in your cotton bag that accompanied your purchase.Tie the handles together and wash with a mild non- toxic detergent.Rinse well and hang or lay flat to dry

When we mail an item to you it will arrive in a recycled cardboard box and instead of tissue paper your item will be folded, put in the cotton shopping bag and then placed in the box. It may or may not be wrapped in recycled paper.

When you buy something ever think of the plastic surrounding it? When you receive a package,ever think of those air bubbles,that kids love to burst,or those plastic and styrofoam air packets that cannot be recycled?

The largest market for plastics RIGHT NOW is packaging materials! This trash accounts for nearly half of all the plastic waste that is generated globally! A staggering fact for thinking people who care about our planet.


OliOrework PROJECT

WE GUARANTEE  OUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and offer a Repair Service for your time worn item(s). We can RENEW and REMAKE your OliOeco garments that need some  love and care.

Keep it in your closet but let us repair it or remake it for you, add a new lining or new funky buttons, lengthen or shorten. Only our imaginations are the limitations. You will love it again!

You can also choose to return time worn item(s) to our re-initiated REWORK program and receive $15 off your new current purchase or $5 in OliORework Rewards to use at a later date, for each item returned.

In 1990 we challenged our customers to let us Rework their no longer' loved', OliO garments.That exercise was a great experience,was very rewarding and was a great success.

We feel that now more than ever a program such as this is mandatory in our effort toward a more circular fashion business and that we need to make every effort, no matter how small, to keep clothing out of landfill and help our planet heal.

As a conscious fashion brand this process will aid in our efforts to recycle garments that are no longer 'loved'. We will turn these items back into yarns and fabrics and recycle and rework them through our various methods into new creations. Circular fashion enables clothing to create a loop. A closed loop is the end goal.In our program, garments that have reached their contemplated end by their owners can be recycled, close the loop and eliminate additional waste.

Although we will thoroughly wash and clean these items before they are recycled  we require any items returned and received for this program be in clean condition before they can be accepted

At this time the program is available to clients who can drop off their items at our Toronto  Studio. We have decided to relaunch the program with the relaunch of our website and we are considering various ways to expand it in future. Watch for updates and changes

Please keep in touch 1-877-900-6546 |OliO|

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Locally made and produced in Toronto,Canada