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OliOeco was founded in 1986 with a commitment to design and the environment and a mission to create sustainable yet wearable long lasting garments.

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  • OliOeco is 100 percent made in Canada

We use a range of organic, natural, reclaimed and reworked fabrics. Buttons are handmade, vintage, and recycled leather and natural materials.

Ends of fabrics, off cuts and all production ends are used in our small accessories and patchwork creations. Zero waste is a continuous goal and it is truly satisfying to not fill the garbage bin at the end of a production run.

OliO |medley or small collection| in keeping with our name, produces small collections each season that create dialogues with the wearer.We create without timeline pressure and the garments can be worn much longer than traditional fashion would dictate.

Built on a groundwork of endurance and integrity both through  garment production and in conjunction with our customer's continued satisfaction, OliOeco has a continuous mission to create sustainable products with minimal environmental impact.

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